Tuesday, August 7, 2012

dressing for your environment.

Pixel Frame Sunglasses

The New York Times had a great article last week on a number of high level female executives in Silicon Valley who are not afraid to dress well, despite their style barren workplaces (think Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg). This led me to a really interesting internal conversation about dressing for your work environment. There's always been this notion of dressing like your colleagues so you can fit in, because the person that fits in will get the promotion. It's a terrible concept, but it's often true in many workplaces. So what do you do if you're in an office where hoodies rule and frumpy outfits are the standard?

I say: Do your thing! I've never seen a stylish women that wasn't respected in the workplace. Dressing up makes you feel more confident and illustrates your ability to keep it together. I've said it before on this blog. My only limiting rule is that your outfit should not speak louder than your abilities. If you focus on dressing for yourself (in a work-appropriate manner), rather than dressing for others, you'll feel so much more fulfilled.

And on that note, look out for an interview with Tamra Feldman, VP of Marketing of Shop It To Me, in the near future. She'll be sharing some of her career insights and fashion tips.


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