Wednesday, May 30, 2012

lady in red (and pink).

Blazer 1

Worthington collarless jacket, $35; Cotton vest, $12; J.Crew skinny capri pants, $90; ASOS patent pumps, $38; ALDO printed bag, $35; Juicy Couture stacking bangle, $34; Ring, $28; Metal jewelry, $11; Chain necklace, $9.99

I present to you my first blazer week outfit! I was inspired by an awesome picture of Sarah Jessica Parker I saw today wearing a flowy bright red top with wide leg neon pink trousers. What a wonderfully unexpected color combo! This is my take on that. The high-end item of the day are these J.Crew skinnies. I love them because they almost touch the ankles - my favorite length for summer work pants.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the finishing touch.

The Blazer

L to R: Worthington collarless jacket, $35; Kohl's Jacket, $35; Victoria s Secret metallic jacket, $25; Charlotte Russe Striped jacket, $37; Quiksilver jacket, $38  

This week is blazer week!! I've featured five of my favorite budget-friendly blazers, and will be styling an outfit featuring each blazer this week. 

I've recently felt like the blazer is really under-utilized, mostly because women either feel they're (1) uncomfortable and restrictive, (2) boring, or (3) very expensive. Well here are my solutions:

(1) Best Fit: Women often purchase blazers that don't fit. I see it all the time on my commute to work. There's an easy solution to this: when you're trying on a blazer, raise your arms over your head. If you're comfortable, it fits. If you hear the stitching crying for help, put that blazer back on the rack. Make sure the buttons close without any bulging. And the end of your sleeve should fall right at that gummy part between your wrists and the bottom of your thumb. A woman's shirt sleeve should not show. 

(2) Mix it Up!: So many women think blazers have to perfectly match their bottoms, and only resort to buying the quintessential navy, khaki, gray, or black blazer. There are so many fun, great blazers out there that are still work appropriate. The best tip I can give you is to make sure it doesn't look like you're trying to match your suit separates, i.e. a dark tan jacket and a light tan skirt. Go for different, but complementary colors like a navy blazer and khaki pants or the same colors with different textures like a black tweed jacket with a black pencil skirt.

(3) Price: Well, you kow that's what I'm here for. But, if you don't happen to have me in your pocket while you're shopping, just try to go shopping for these kinds of bigger-ticket items on big sale days like Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. Otherwise, is a great way to search across different brands for price-specific items. There's also that, although it's geared for younger people, has a great weekly feature of sales around the web.  

Readers: What are your tips on finding a good blazer at a great price point?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

dia de fiesta.

Untitled #2


I just wanted to continue this week's "White Theme" with a wide-leg trouser pant from Ann Taylor. This wears so well with a tucked in shirt like this chambray top, along with some red and neutral accents.

I leave to Michigan tomorrow, but I'll make sure to update you all on my adventures when I get back on Tuesday. And, please let me know what you decided to wear as part of your Memorial Day Festivities.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

winter white.

May 22, 2012

Zara blouse, $60 Mango reversible skirt, $44.99 Zara cap toe shoes, $90 ASOS envelope clutch, $31 ASOS plastic jewelry, $14 Carole flower stud earrings, $2.90 Forever 21 ring, $5.80

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner! I hope you all have wonderful vacation plans -- or plans to just stay home and sleep in, which is just as wonderful. 
Memorial day always makes me think of that horrible "no white after labor day" fashion myth. I'll always remember the day a family friend said "wow, you're so brave for wearing white in January," which I followed with an immediate mental note that I would wear white whenever I darn well please. Hey, fashion's all about breaking the rules, isn't it? 
Musings aside, today I was inspired by the white pencil skirt. I hope you like the outfit I put together. My high-end item of the day is the Zara court shoe in pink goat leather. It's a great color and has a comfortable heel height, making it a go-to item in anyone's closet. I actually looked for a budget-friendly skirt, as most people consider white skirts a seasonal item. And if you are one of those people, you'll want to stay away from a high-end pencil skirt when you're on a budget because it's simply not getting as much wear-time as your other items.
My observations: 
Please keep in mind that white skirts, especially if they're not lined, should be worn with neutral, panty-line-free underwear and a slip, if necessary. Another great tip is to make sure nothing white is too tight, as it's less forgiving than most other colors. And keep some tide-to-go in your purse. The worst thing is finding a stain on your white clothing just before a business presentation when all eyes are on you. Do you have any other tips for wearing white?