Wednesday, May 30, 2012

lady in red (and pink).

Blazer 1

Worthington collarless jacket, $35; Cotton vest, $12; J.Crew skinny capri pants, $90; ASOS patent pumps, $38; ALDO printed bag, $35; Juicy Couture stacking bangle, $34; Ring, $28; Metal jewelry, $11; Chain necklace, $9.99

I present to you my first blazer week outfit! I was inspired by an awesome picture of Sarah Jessica Parker I saw today wearing a flowy bright red top with wide leg neon pink trousers. What a wonderfully unexpected color combo! This is my take on that. The high-end item of the day are these J.Crew skinnies. I love them because they almost touch the ankles - my favorite length for summer work pants.


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