Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the finishing touch.

The Blazer

L to R: Worthington collarless jacket, $35; Kohl's Jacket, $35; Victoria s Secret metallic jacket, $25; Charlotte Russe Striped jacket, $37; Quiksilver jacket, $38  

This week is blazer week!! I've featured five of my favorite budget-friendly blazers, and will be styling an outfit featuring each blazer this week. 

I've recently felt like the blazer is really under-utilized, mostly because women either feel they're (1) uncomfortable and restrictive, (2) boring, or (3) very expensive. Well here are my solutions:

(1) Best Fit: Women often purchase blazers that don't fit. I see it all the time on my commute to work. There's an easy solution to this: when you're trying on a blazer, raise your arms over your head. If you're comfortable, it fits. If you hear the stitching crying for help, put that blazer back on the rack. Make sure the buttons close without any bulging. And the end of your sleeve should fall right at that gummy part between your wrists and the bottom of your thumb. A woman's shirt sleeve should not show. 

(2) Mix it Up!: So many women think blazers have to perfectly match their bottoms, and only resort to buying the quintessential navy, khaki, gray, or black blazer. There are so many fun, great blazers out there that are still work appropriate. The best tip I can give you is to make sure it doesn't look like you're trying to match your suit separates, i.e. a dark tan jacket and a light tan skirt. Go for different, but complementary colors like a navy blazer and khaki pants or the same colors with different textures like a black tweed jacket with a black pencil skirt.

(3) Price: Well, you kow that's what I'm here for. But, if you don't happen to have me in your pocket while you're shopping, just try to go shopping for these kinds of bigger-ticket items on big sale days like Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. Otherwise, shopstyle.com is a great way to search across different brands for price-specific items. There's also collegefashion.net that, although it's geared for younger people, has a great weekly feature of sales around the web.  

Readers: What are your tips on finding a good blazer at a great price point?

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