Thursday, October 25, 2012

new wardrobe.

Ever since I transitioned from the world of "completely broke student" to "not so broke, but still a little broke, attorney," I decided I would begin to build a new wardrobe that represents my personal style. My goal was to get to the point where I absolutely love every single item in my wardrobe. And my plan was to buy one item every month within a certain budget.While I have bought some trendy items that may not be around for more than a few years (i.e. J.Crew denim shirt), most of the items tend to be basic, high quality long-lasting items that I know will stay with me for many many seasons (if I care for them properly and don't suddenly gain a ton of weight!). Just as an example, so far I've purchased Ray Ban Aviators, a white silk button down from Zara, white jeans and a green pencil skirt from J.Crew, a brown high-waisted bow skirt from a North Carolina boutique, and nude pumps from Ann Taylor. Each item is selected with weeks of thorough consideration of the item's price, fit, and level of quality. Hence, I don't impulse shop...unless I'm at an outlet mall. Please don't let me near an outlet mall. It's fun for me to think about what awesome item I'm going to get this month, and my wallet loves me more for it. (Next on the list is a black top with leather trimmings. Teeheehee!!!)

Here's an outfit with some of my new items:


Purse / Shoes / Top / Skirt / Sunglasses / Necklace

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GlamorousGirl said...

love the skirt! great look!