Friday, November 2, 2012

the driving shoe.

I went to an awesome discussion on innovation in the fashion industry at American University yesterday. We got into a great conversation on how sometimes imitation can spark innovation. For example, the driving shoe was invented by Diego Della Valle who happened to be chatting with Enzo Ferrari (yes, that Ferrari) who was complaining that the soles of his shoes would wear out too quickly on the flooring of his car. So, Della Valle took your regular men's flat shoe and went out and created the driving shoe with a "Gommino" sole made of rubber pebbles that lined the bottom. It was mostly created for the 1%'ers in the 80's but is now uber popular and can be found at any price point in most department stores. Here's an outfit for work highlighting a woman's driving shoe:

driving shoe

Blazer / Pants / Earrings / Shoes / Watch / Ring / Top / Bag


Carm said...

Leave it to those Italians to come up with this kind of stuff. Love it. I especially love the watch. Shoes are cool too. Thanks for another great post. You are amazing at this.


Very nice outfit, I would totally wear it! And you reminded me that I need a new turtleneck... :)

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Great blog, would you like to follow each other?


Melissa Krystel said...

Wow never knew driving shoes were invented like that! Who knew Ferrari would spark some fashion innovation.

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