Monday, July 9, 2012

indiana jones and peplums.

While watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade last night, I fell in love with Dr. Elsa Schneider's classically chic style. There's something about the late '30s and '40s that exudes professionalism and highlights great tailoring for both men and women.

By 1930, about one out of every six married women had a job, a number which continued to increase with World War II. Pintucked waists and skirt suits were all the rage. In fact, the modern peplum became popular in the 1940s (and you thought this was a new trend, shame on you). Here's a great example of some cute peplums:

And here is an outfit inspired by Dr. Elsa Schneider, and the working women of the 30s and 40s that paved the way for us today. Wear this with a light, cropped cardigan or blazer for a work-appropriate look.



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Carm said...

Adorable. So calssy and elegant yet up to date and much easier to wear. Great fashion insight. Love the ring.