Thursday, July 19, 2012

made in america.

There's been a recent uproar about the U.S. Olympic Team's Chinese-made uniforms. If you haven't already heard the story, here's a great article on the fashion community's take on the issue

Congress has reacted to this by presenting legislation that would force the government to buy apparel that's 100% made in America. Here's another article on Senator Sherrod Brown's (D-OH) collaboration with designers Nanette Lepore and Lawson Nickol, as well as his Wear American Act of 2012. Representatives Dan Lipinski (D-IL) and Walter Jones (R-NC) have introduced similar legislation in the House.

So what should we make of all this? Well, there's an internal conflict within the fashion industry. While it's important to create more jobs and become self-sufficient within the industry, it's also really expensive to manufacture clothing in this country. A rise in costs for designers will surely mean a rise in costs to the every-day consumer. While these Congressional bills only affect the federal government, we, the tax payers, are the ones paying for it. 

I truly believe that our Olympic Team should have been representing the country with bright, crisp uniforms made in this country, simply because of who and what they represent. I'm not sure that I would want this to be a blanket policy across the whole of the United States, but I'd love to hear your thoughts.

And here's a super cute, work-appropriate outfit that's "Made in America" :

made in america


Carm said...

I am with you. There is no reason why the US teams could not have worn clothing made here. I think the problem here is GREED. Greed is the root of all evil. Designers and clothes manufacturers want to make a lot of money, although there is nothing wrong with making money, the dollar is the main force here. If designers and manufacturers decided to use american labor, pay them a decent wage, which maybe means they make a little less for a while, we could see competition for the best laborers and boost the industry here. We all love designers from all over, but we have so little of that from the USA. There is talent and labor in our country that can do the same or better than what is produced in other countries. But, they deserve a fair wage and working conditions. Thanks for making us think about this topic. As always, your blogs are not only fabulous fashion information and tips, but also inspiring and thoughtful.

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