Wednesday, June 13, 2012

carolina herrera in the summer.

Carolina Herrera meets Southern Belle

The Limited Skirt, $69.90; Old Navy Shirt, $27; Ellen Tracy Shoes, $47; DSW Handbag, $50; JCPenneys Earrings, $10; Endless Watch, $34; JCPenney's Necklace, $12; Forever 21 Belt, $5.80

It is getting so sticky lately. Summer hasn't started and I already feel like I need to take 3 showers a day. Once the weather gets warmer, I see pencil skirts all over the place. But pencil skirts naturally stick to your body, making for a number of women walking down the streets with sweat marks where there just shouldn't be any! So, today I'm pulling out the airy, breezy a-line skirt. It's a great staple for summer, and doesn't feel restrictive like a pencil skirt often does.

I was inspired by Carolina Herrera's trademark white dress shirt and long, black a-line skirt. It's so classic. I hope you enjoy it!

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