Thursday, June 21, 2012

white out.

Your boss says: Hey guys, the company's taking the whole department out to Game 5 of the NBA Finals!

While most will hoot, holler, and even dance a little dance...

For the athletically challenged who know absolutely nothing about sports (like me) you probably run to wikipedia to learn what little you can about the game...and then you find out it's a white out game. Last time you wore all white, you were at a graffiti paint party in college. You don't fit in that white tee, let alone those tight 80's designer jeans.

Well, don't dispair. Here's what I would wear to the NBA Finals "White Out" Game 5:

NBA Finals Oklahoma City


*This one goes out to my husband 'cuz he's a pretty cool guy.


PartyMixTape said...

GREAT styling!


GlamorousGirl said...

so sweeeeet!
great blog!

Collections said...

I LOVE those loafers. So great.

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