Friday, June 15, 2012

vintage ikat.



Ok. I lied. None of this is vintage. But don't these give off a certain vintage-y vibe? Look at that purse! It reminds me of the 50s. I love it. And this skirt, for only $18, is to die for. This skirt is a great ikat print with a color scheme that will work well with a number of other pieces. 

I love ikat because there's so much history and culture to it. It's an ancient textile dyeing and weaving process originating in Central Asia. Weavers first tie bundles of threads in specific patterns. They then die the threads in a certain way (much like tie-dyeing).After the dyeing process is complete, weavers secure the threads to a loom and weave the thread through fabric. Here's a great video where you can see how ikat fabric is made:

Want to know if your ikat fabric is authentic or an imitation print like the skirt I featured today? You should be able to see the design on the reverse of your garment since it has been weaved all the way through the fabric -- as opposed to an imitation print which will only show up on the front.


bhakti said...

hey i love the look .... and soo true it does give an old world charm ... vintage at heart ,,, the post was really informative ,,, i myself have lot of ikat kurtis ,, bt thanks to your post have now learned how to tell whether its an original .... <3


Anne M Bray said...

Great video -- took me back to high school, when I wove... yep, weaving is labor-intensive!

Lauren@Styleseer said...

Great post. I'm a fan of ikat and it's cool to know more about how it's made.

Amena @Fashionopolis said...

I love ikat. It is so chic. Congrats on getting featured on this weeks LALM selection.
Happy Blogging,
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Unknown said...

That bag and skirt are amazing!! I want them :)

New follower, hope you can check out my new posts and follow back :)