Tuesday, June 12, 2012

yard sale finds.

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited about my wonderful finds this past weekend at my town's annual yard sale. Everyone got together to sell all their old stuff, and I was able to find a couple cool things. Of course, there was so much more I wanted to buy, but I had to restrain myself or else my small 2-bedroom would turn into an old garage.

So here's what I got, let me know what you think!

Wall ornaments -- don't they look like they're made of metal??

Shabby chic white candlestick holders for my dresser

Pier 1 couch pillow ($4!!)

Swingspout oil can that'll serve as a great flower pot for my ivy
p.s. I found out that these sell for $30-50 on ebay (I paid $2!!)

Pretty pretty scarf

I love these little gems, and it was only $3!

I also got a dark brown basket for odds and ends, a couple bronze curtain rods (for 25 cents!), and a mason jar. No, I didn't get anything on my wish list, but I had a ton of fun!!!

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